Budget & Procurement

The budget of the department comprises of one programme (Administration) shared with the Department of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs and three other main programmes, namely;

Programme 2:  Housing Needs, Research and Planning 

The aim of the programme is to facilitate and undertake housing delivery planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The strategic goal is improved housing delivery planning and the programme has three sub-programmes, namely;

  • Administration
  • Policy
  • Planning

Programme 3:  Housing Development

The strategic goal is the management of housing interventions. The strategic objectives of the programme include; (i) creating an enabling environment for improved housing delivery, (ii) the creation of housing opportunities, (iii) the creation of social and rental housing opportunities and (iv) providing access to housing opportunities in rural and farm areas. The programme has the following sub-programmes;

  • Administration
  • Financial Interventions
  • Incremental Interventions
  • Social and Rental Interventions
  • Rural Interventions

Programme 4:  Housing Asset Management & Property Management

The strategic goal is the “Management of housing assets and the Extended Enhanced Discount Benefit Scheme (EEDBS)” through achieving the strategic objective of; “Management and maintenance of housing assets / properties”. The programme has only one sub-programme, namely Administration.