Women’s Build

The Build is a National Human Settlements Programme meant to build homes for targeted beneficiaries such as the disabled, child-headed households, the elderly, women and people who are in general dire and urgent need for homes.

With the main target being women in need, the programme is part of the Women’s Month Programme and targets overall women empowerment where women contractors and volunteers are sought to participate in the construction of these houses.

Benefits will be economic opportunities, job creation, skills development for volunteers who are trained in various construction skills and mainly, and families who, after the built, will have homes.

The Women’s Build is a Letsema Project coordinated annually during women’s month. It is a partnership project of the Department of Human Settlements with sector stakeholders and is hosted annually.

Background of the Women’s Build

The Department took a decision to promote Women’s Built as a form of partnership engagement with civic, corporate and housing sector stakeholders. As an annual event the built is a call for a united collaborative action dedicated towards producing a subsidized housing unit within sustainable human settlements that would be offered to housing beneficiaries in line with the Department’s eligibility criteria.

The aim is being to deliver better human settlements outcomes (at household and community level) based on the community contribution, partnerships and leveraging additional resources through partnerships.

Objectives of the Build

Further, Women’s Built projects are intended to be undertaken in a manner that complements existing initiatives thereby avoiding duplication and accelerating the pace of housing delivery. The ultimate objective is to provide shelter, security, comfort and appreciation of the housing unit.


Participating stakeholders in this event are:

  • National Department of Human Settlements,
  • Provincial Departments of Human Settlements,
  • Municipalities
  • National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency (NURCHA)
  • National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

This initiative is for women empowerment and to change lives of the less fortunate.