Consumer Education

Poor decision-making on the part of existing and potential homeowners and tenants due to the lack of understanding of rights and obligations as tenants and homeowners has impacted heavily on services delivered by government in general. Exploitation of existing and prospective homeowners and tenants, and general failure to perceive homeownership as an investment has led to government’s vigorous efforts to educate citizens on these matters.

Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) Material

Consumer Education Brouchers

National Department of Human Settlements Consumer Education Material

Beneficiaries of the programme

  • People on  municipal waiting lists
  • Homeowners and tenants
  • Citizens that have received housing subsidies
  • Community Development Workers
  • Municipal Officials
  • Ward Councilors
  • Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Objectives of the programme

  • To inform beneficiaries  what government programmes are available allowing for freedom of choice
  • To assist beneficiaries to understand home ownership versus rental issues.
    Explaining application procedures and qualification criteria
  • Role  clarification and legislative responsibilities
  • Conservation of  the Environment (Water and Energy Efficiency)

Topics for consumer education

  • Housing needs – identifying (enabling you to list and identify your housing need)
  • Tenure options (describing tenure options – Ownerships /Renting)
  • Disadvantages and advantages of different tenure options
  • Basic costs involved
  • Affordability Budgeting
  • Improving Affordability: Role-players (Financial Institutions, Estate Agents, Contractors, Municipalities, Government, Conveyancers, NHBRC etc.)
  • Government Subsidies Instruments: Application, Legal Framework, Policies
  • Contract Management and Title Deeds – Human Settlements Processes
  • Land Processes
  • Basic Maintenance of houses – taking care of your house/ improvements/ gardening
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Sustainability issues: Environment (Water and Energy)